Before we get to know what is Ethical Hacking, it is important for us to know what is Hacking? Hacking in simple words means to exploit someone’s system so to extract out the individual’s personal details. The one who performs this operation is called a Hacker. There are hundreds of way to get access to someone’s system without his permission through hacking but most of them totally depends on attacking the weakest part of the Target’s System. The hacker simply exploits the weakest part of the system and try to gain access to the data that he/she is looking for.

In this Tutorial, We will learn:

What is Ethical Hacking | Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking in simple words is countering of hackers who are trying to exploit a system or network of systems. Like Police counter the robbers, ethical hackers counter the hackers who are illegally trying to have access to someone else’s data without their permission.

The Term ‘Ethical‘ in Ethical Hacking defines why it is legal to learn and perform this kind of hacking. ‘Ethical’ according to the dictionary means Something which is morally right. It is often known as White Hat Hacking. The Hacking is widely divided into various parts like Black Hat Hacking, White Hat Hacking, Grey Hat Hacking, Script kiddies, Hacktivist etc.

Interesting Fact:

  1. You might have come across the peoples who pretend themselves to be hackers or ethical hackers and what they actually do is using the already made scripts to crack various software or systems. These kinds of people are actually called Script Kiddies and not hackers.
  2. Google has provided the Backdoor to the FBI so that they can always have look at their subscribed email users for any suspicious activity.

Why is Ethical Hacking Important? | Need for Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

It becomes important to support Ethical Hacking in order to prevent Cyber Crimes that are taking place all over the world. Hackers are becoming smarter day by day and this evolving technology is helping them in the best way possible. There is no other way of tackling them without the help of Ethical Hackers.

What do Black Hat Hackers Want?

Another question that rises while discussing the topic is that ‘What do Black Hat Hackers actually want and why do they perform such illegal activities?’ The answer to this may vary from individual to individual Black Hat Hacker but the most common reasons spotted are:

  • Performing Bank Loots
  • ATM Fraud
  • Using Copyrighted Material For Free
  • Spreading Spam
  • For Fun
  • Identity Theft

How Ethical Hacking Works? Working Module of Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacker Needs to have written permission from the owner of the system for whom he/she is willing to work with. The written permission should state that Ethical Hacker is authorized to perform cyber attacks on their system to check out for better safety measures. If the Hacker finds any loophole or backdoor which could prove harmful to the owner of the system, it will be his responsibility to fill that and inform the owner. Moreover, Ethical Hacker has to sign the agreement that he will not exploit the Privacy of the System.

An Ethical Hacker needs to be 2 Steps ahead from the Black Hat hacker in order to pre-assume the technique hacker may use to exploit the system Ethical Hacker is hired to take care of.

Is Ethical Hacking a Crime?

Most of us when begin to think of being an Ethical Hacker, the very first question that strikes our mind is- “Is Ethical Hacking a Crime?”. Ethical Hacking is not at all a crime until all the norms and rules are followed. Now you may think that what are these rules and norms that an ethical hacker needs to follow?

  • Getting Written Permission from someone on whom you want to perform hacking operation.
  • Keep records of everything that you are performing.
  • Respect the privacy of the Others.
  • Do not sell the details in return for money or any other thing.


  • We learnt what is ethical hacking and what is its need in the upcoming future.
  • Ethical Hacking is not a crime until all the rules and norms are followed.
  • We learnt how Black Hat Hackers are different from White Hat Hackers.


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