Cloud Computing is helping users in being able to access computer software and application from wherever in the world they are. This means that these software and applications are hosted in the third party and the user does not need to worry about the storage and other problems. Like every other evolving technologies, Advantage of Cloud Computing is also seeking the attention of the businesses nowadays.

Companies of all sizes and location are nowadays shifting towards Cloud Computing. Cloud computing enables the user to pay only for the resources consumed. Let us learn some of the advantages associated with cloud computing:

The advantage of Using Cloud Computing

1) Cost Effective

Well, no one can deny the fact that Cloud Computing has made it a lot easier for business holders who were not having enough funds to out-stand their own Systems with high storage and performance hardware. Cloud Computing is helping such people in the greatest way possible.

2) Security

Security should be the first priority for someone who is looking forward to work with cloud computing as every data is going not to be stored on his server but on the company’s server. Many Cloud computing companies provide us with the Cloud Computing Security which deals and prevents us from theft, data leakage and deletion.

3) Cost Friendly

The user needs to pay for the service only when it is required. The user does not need to spend on extra or pay for infrastructure or severs but needs only to pay the commission to the company providing the service.

4) Availability Time

Most of the cloud providers are extremely reliable when it comes to maintaining the uptime for the servers. The user gets access to the software from anywhere around the world with an active Internet connection. Even there are applications that work offline and does not require an active internet connection.

5) High Speed

The resources that cloud providers use are not limited and the quick deployment lets the user enjoy the high-speed servers as per their requirement.

6) Backup and Restoration

As soon as the data gets stored on the cloud, it becomes very easy for the user to collect or create the backup of the data using the high-speed servers provided by the cloud providers.

7) Migration Flexibility

The organization can transfer their files and data from one cloud platform to another according to their own needs. It also saves money and time and the process is completed automatically. Cloud Service providers often use redundant resources to obtain resilient storage and with that, they can carry on the important work of users, which are indigenous in multi-global regions.

8) 100’s of Trusted Companies are available

If you are still confused with the security of your data, you need to calm down as there are already hundreds of companies available online which are providing the safest service at affordable prices. You will have to compare them individually before making any quick decision.

Wondering What is Cloud?

Discussing ‘Cloud’, it is the plan of vast interconnected systems of servers that are intended to convey PC resources. There is no genuine concept of knowing ​​the location from where the data is originating and where is it going. Keeping it simple, Cloud is basically used by the users when they feel that they are paying the tremedous amount of money on hardware and are consuming very less of its resources. In such a case, Cloud proves to be very efficient as the user pays for only what he is consuming and no extra charges are required for the hardware.

Definition of Cloud Computing for Very Beginners

When someone provides a service through the Internet, it is called Cloud Computing. This service can be anything such as Off-Site Storage or computing resources. Cloud Computing is a computing style that provides massively scalable and flexible IT-related capabilities as a service with the help of Internet Technologies. Facilities like infrastructure, platform, application and storage space are available in these services. In this, users use services according to their need and pay the same amount of services they use. For this, they do not need to build their own infrastructure.


In this post, we discussed the following advantage of cloud computing:

  • Cloud Computing is being accepted by a lot of people around the globe and is now becoming a basic need for businesses.
  • All files are kept online and are always available for backup
  • Files can be accessed from anywhere around the world.
  • Files can be shared in many places at once.
  • Files can be accessed together in Mobile, computer, laptop, tablet.
  • You can take advantage of this facility by paying a small amount as compared to the premise.
  • No additional hardware is required.
  • It is very easy to use and looks like a Computer / Windows Explorer.
  • Files can also be edited online.
  • The biggest advantage of this is that any size file can be shared online, there is no File Size Limit, as you may know, that file attachment is not valid for more than 10 MB when doing email. But in this case, you can share the file of any size online.
  • Your document can be used while roaming anywhere.



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